د.ت 1,000

With the unique know-how specific to the STIVEL company, the teams have designed the highly refined LEOPARD Italian velvet. This exceptional fabric allows all possible creations in terms of decoration and furnishing for a sophisticated ethnic style.

  • Luxurious fabric
  • Animal-inspired design
  • Interior decoration


The Italian velvet LEOPARD has been meticulously crafted to immerse you in the world of animals. The meticulous process combines tradition, craftsmanship, and high technology to create this quality fabric that cleverly replicates the spotted coat of a leopard. This distinctive pattern with an ultra-silky and durable texture adds a touch of glamour and exoticism to any project: furniture, decoration, and more.

Whether it’s to cover a few cushions, throws, or to enhance the upholstery of furniture such as armchairs or sofas, the LEOPARD fabric brings a beautiful touch of eccentricity and sophistication to any space. Indeed, this Italian velvet offers a wild atmosphere while remaining incredibly stylish. Using this fabric discreetly and thoughtfully allows you to combine the sophisticated elegance of its texture with the natural and animalistic charm of its pattern.

This upholstery fabric exudes positive vibes and embodies a strong penchant for boldness. It allows you to defy interior design conventions without ever compromising on its high-end elegance. Like the entire STIVEL range, the Italian velvet LEOPARD is produced in accordance with the company’s sustainable commitments, both socially and environmentally. Explore our full range of Italian velvets. Discover all our Italian velvets.