د.ت 1,000

The intricate weave of our Italian velvet NEW-AMIR, combined with the exquisite detailing of its elegant floral patterns, creates a unique, authentic, elegant, and warm ambiance.

  • Luxurious fabric
  • Floral graphic design
  • Interior decoration


Every fiber of this exquisite italian velvet New-Amir embodies the story of centuries-old Italian tradition and the exclusive craftsmanship of the STIVEL teams. It adds a beautiful touch of authenticity. The subtle marriage of elegant floral patterns gives our Italian velvet NEW-AMIR a reimagined vintage aesthetic. These patterns, executed with STIVEL’s exclusive craftsmanship, evoke timeless sophistication. Each detail is an artistic statement, offering a retro and refined touch to any space.

To upholster office chairs, armchairs, sofas, this Italian velvet redefines the intimate atmosphere of any interior decoration project. Designed for cushions, rugs, or curtains, this velvet creates a harmonious sensory experience, perfectly coordinated with contemporary furnishings.

The design of our Italian velvet NEW-AMIR, like all the velvets in the range, offers exceptional durability. For all your professional spaces, this velvet is a true statement of elegance that withstands the test of time.

Designed and woven in our production facility in Monastir, this Italian velvet adheres to our sustainable commitments, both in terms of inclusivity and reducing our environmental footprint. Explore our full range of Italian velvets.