Since 1978, STIVEL has been offering its customers - interior designers, decorators, hospitality professionals and furniture manufacturers - customizable designs with complex, infinite patterns, particularly suited to professional environments and uses.

Stivel's know-how

STIVEL’s unique and historic expertise lies in the technical mastery of velvet and jacquard weaving. The key skills of our technicians combined with the latest cutting-edge technologies make STIVEL one of the few companies in the world to offer top-of-the-range production of upholstery fabrics.

With total control of the value chain, STIVEL provides the flexibility and responsiveness needed for customisation and made-to-measure.

Stivel's know-how

The company’s know-how is based first and foremost on the skills of its team of designers. All trained in the fine arts, our 7 designers draw their inspiration from different worlds: decoration, fashion, architecture and offer a wealth of innovation in terms of patterns and textures to meet our customers’ needs. In close collaboration with each of our customers, we design unique models that perfectly express the brand. This flexibility is one of Stivel’s strong points.

With a fleet of 53 latest-generation weaving machines, the production teams offer a host of complex, innovative clothing options, with widths of up to 3 metres. Technicians undergo a full year’s training before becoming fully autonomous on the looms.

Excellence, flexibility and responsiveness are the watchwords that guide the STIVEL teams every day in their missions to offer tailor-made solutions and unique designs to each of our customers.

Stivel's know-how

Our upholstery fabrics and carpets are synonymous with excellence. Quality management within the company complies with international standards (ISO 9001). From the meticulous selection of yarns to the final shipment, each product follows a path defined by uncompromising quality. Our top-of-the-range products are chosen by prestigious customers around the world, demonstrating their confidence in us day after day.

Unlock your potential with our know-how!

STIVEL has excelled in velvet and jacquard weaving for several decades, combining historic know-how with advanced technologies to produce top-of-the-range, customisable furnishing fabrics. With a team of inspired, fine art-trained designers, our products offer innovative patterns and textures to meet the specific needs of each of our professional customers. The company relies on state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous technician training to guarantee flexibility and responsiveness in line with ISO 9001 standards.
For several years now, we have been working with internationally renowned customers to enhance their top-of-the-range positioning. Ready to become our next partner of excellence?