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Our Italian velvet ROSE WENDY certainly embodies the timeless and refined elegance of an exceptional fabric with an ultra-silky touch. Whether used as upholstery or for accessories, its soft texture provides a warm atmosphere combined with exceptional comfort.

  • Luxurious fabric
  • Floral design
  • Interior decoration


Italian velvet ROSE WENDY subtly combines carefully chosen thread colors: the red and burgundy in its background subtly reveal the lovely curves and floral patterns, all woven in pastel blue and ivory.

This fabric offers exceptional versatility and pairs beautifully with various materials, whether they are antique or contemporary, such as wood, iron, and metal. This versatility makes it an ideal choice to instantly elevate any room, any interior decoration project.

The vibrant color of Italian velvet ROSE WENDY brings finesse, warmth, and visually captures attention while creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. When used for curtains, this fabric provides warm and soft lighting, instantly transforming the ambiance of a room into a refined space.

Used as upholstery for a chair, this italian velvet adds a vintage touch that effortlessly blends with a contemporary ambiance.

STIVEL’s craftsmanship ensures outstanding quality for this exceptional fabric, allowing its use in high-traffic areas. This Italian velvet is crafted in the company’s workshops while adhering to the values that have made the company renowned today: excellence and a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Explore our full range of Italian velvets.