د.ت 1,000

The meticulousness of the details reproduced on our EL KAYSAR1 velvet immediately sublimates all interiors, all pieces of furniture. The golden, graphic ornaments subtly mix geometric and red floral shapes to bring a touch of sophistication to any high-end design project.

  • Luxuous Fabric
  • Traditional design with geometric and red floral shapes
  • Interior decoration


Our Italian velvet EL KAYSAR1 elegantly and timelessly invites itself into any desired space: a living room, bedrooms, offices. With its geometric and red floral shapes, this fabric brings a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Used for curtains, cushions, bedspreads, our red Italian velvet will create a sought-after glamorous and romantic atmosphere for bedrooms or common areas of hotels. It will also be perfect for a professional office with armchairs skillfully covered with this velvety and silky touch fabric: a beautiful invitation to comfort. The excellence of the complex weaving of this high-end fabric will also offer exceptional durability.

Exclusively made with threads rigorously selected for their quality and strength, our Italian velvet fabric EL KAYSAR1 is the wise choice of a universal and timeless design.

STIVEL has been committed for many years to a sustainable policy in social and environmental terms and thus offers unique, ethical products. Discover all of our Italian velvet.