Jacquard fabric MORIN115

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Our Jacquard fabric MORIN115 is known as a codename that suggests a secret of manufacturing that combines tradition and exceptionality. This fabric offers one of the broadest ranges of possibilities in terms of interior decoration.

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Our jacquard fabric MORIN115 is a true couture signature, elegant and authentic. Specially designed for textile professionals, this fabric embodies the perfect blend of traditional know-how and contemporary innovation.

In terms of hues, jacquard fabric MORIN115 reveals a sublime palette of three warm colors: deep ebony, refined brown and delicate ecru. The artistic interlacing of its leaves creates a visual marquetry, revealing the subtleties of impeccable weaving. This vegetal fabric brilliantly interprets a gentle representation of flowers and foliage.

Its delicate design is characterized by a subtle interplay of light solids and voids, offering an elegant vision of the fabric’s background. The creation of exceptional fabrics requires exceptional precision on the part of our workshop teams, who excel in their ability to faithfully reproduce the design elaborated by our computer-aided design (CAD) teams.

The Jacquard fabric MORIN115 is an essential choice for a variety of decoration projects. It dresses furniture, armchairs, sofas, and ottomans with elegance, enhancing spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms with curtains, cushions, and throws. It creates a cocooning and comforting atmosphere, instantly uplifting the ambiance of any interior.

Boasting a touch of exceptional quality, this fabric has a superior drape and remarkable durability to meet the demands of the most challenging environments.

Fully designed and crafted in our workshops, the Jacquard MORIN 115 fabric embodies our commitment to excellence and adherence to social and environmental standards. Discover our entire range of Jacquard fabrics.