Jacquard fabric TISSIA

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The jacquard fabric TISSIA brings a subtle contrast effect with a motif that unfolds in a palette of gentle and bright hues. With its ecru leaf print, it will complement any type of interior decoration.

  • Natural foliage weave
  • Jacquard Fabric
  • Interior Decoration
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The jacquard fabric TISSIA offers a very contemporary interpretation of foliage. Indeed, the design adds a lovely volume to the fabric, allowing for perfect integration into all styles of furniture and interior accessories.

The silky touch of the fabric provides unmatched softness and comfort, suitable for all imaginable uses within interior spaces.

The color palette, meticulously selected, offers a subtle contrast that ensures an authentic presence. This fabric embodies a timeless modernity, ensuring its elegance endures over time, thanks to a design made to transcend the years with style.

The complex weaving of this Jacquard is a testament to the STIVEL teams’ excellence in both design conception and the technical realization of this high-end fabric. Every meticulously interlaced thread and each finely crafted motif reveal a constant pursuit of perfection.

Its production also meticulously respects the social and environmental values of the company, making it a preferred choice for demanding professionals. For those who aspire to create spaces that are both elegant and durable, the TISSIA Jacquard fabric offers an unparalleled solution. Discover our entire range of Jacquard fabrics.

The TISSIA Jacquard fabric stands out as one of the emblematic fabrics of STIVEL. Its production meticulously adheres to STIVEL’s social and environmental values. For demanding professionals looking to create elegant and lasting environments in all types of settings, even the most demanding, the TISSIA Jacquard fabric offers an unmatched solution. Discover our entire range of Jacquard fabrics.