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Italian velvet SALONGA offers exceptional versatility in terms of usage. Its bright, deceptively solid color and the intricate weaving of its multi-dimensional pattern make it a remarkable fabric in more ways than one.

• Multi-dimensional weaving
• Jacquard fabric
• Interior decoration


Italian velvet SALONGA represents STIVEL’s distinctive expertise in designing and crafting complex weave fabrics, particularly catering to the expectations of furniture manufacturers, fabric editors, and hotels in search of excellence.

The solid color with exceptional brightness offers remarkable versatility, elegantly adapting to all decoration and furnishing projects. Used as upholstery for seats or armchairs, this Italian velvet provides a decidedly contemporary high-end effect, ensuring optimal comfort while adding a touch of sophistication. This fabric indeed offers a comfort and softness experience, where each fiber invites well-being.

As an element in accessories such as cushions and curtains, this Italian velvet instantly brightens living spaces, adding a note of refinement and modernity. Every detail of the weaving process is executed with unmatched meticulousness, ensuring a perfect finish at every stage of production. This attention to detail makes this Italian velvet a preferred choice for all types of projects, guaranteeing exceptional quality and impeccable aesthetics.

This Italian velvet stands as one of STIVEL’s iconic fabrics. Its manufacturing scrupulously adh to STIVEL’s social and environmental values. For discerning professionals looking to create elegant and sustainable spaces, Italian velvet SALONGA offers an unparalleled solution. Explore the entire range of Italian velvets.