Jacquard fabric JOSH

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Our jacquard fabric JOSH is certainly one of the most creative and spectacular fabrics in the collection. It evokes abstract art with a carefully considered color palette. This exceptional fabric is perfect for any decorating project.

  • Mineral art and nature design
  • Jacquard fabric
  • Interior design
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Our jacquard fabric JOSH  offers a unique mineral effect. Its soft, nuanced hues create an atmosphere conducive to daydreaming, offering a world where nature and art are aesthetically combined. The subtlety of its texture and pattern is reminiscent of artistic abstraction, even cubism.

Its mineral reflections and delicate touch give this fabric a distinct personality. It lends itself magnificently to covering all types of interior furniture: sofas, armchairs and couches. The unique design of this fabric will add sophistication to accessories such as bedspreads, cushions, curtains, or why not lampshades for the ultimate vintage chic effect.

The intricate weave of jacquard fabric JOSH on a multicolored warp is inspired by the spirit of traditional tapestry, requiring skill and rigor in the execution of its manufacture. The rigor of our quality teams, from the choice of yarns to the finishing methods used, enables us to offer a fabric that is highly resistant to wear and color.

The quality of this fabric can also be appreciated in its delicate, silky feel, which evokes comfort and refinement, and offers a complete sensory experience.

STIVEL’s exceptional craftsmanship permeates every centimeter of this jacquard fabric, entirely designed and manufactured in our workshops, reflecting our commitment to excellence and respect for social and environmental standards. Discover the captivating world of our jacquard fabrics, where nature and art merge to create unique pieces.

All STIVEL teams share the company’s commitment to excellence and respect for social and environmental values. Discover our complete range of jacquard fabrics.