De Gênes velvet NEREIDE

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The tone-on-tone geometric shapes of Genoa Velvet NEREIDE offer an elegant pattern with a beautiful contrast, easily adaptable to any interior decoration project.

  • Luxurious fabric
  • Geometric design
  • Interior decoration


De Gênes Velvet NEREIDE features a geometric design. Created by our CAD teams, the ultra-precise design is necessary to reveal the sought-after contrast and provide distinctive aesthetics.

This fabric is perfect for offering chic and high-end furnishing solutions. The exceptional quality of the threads used and the ultra-precision of its design ensure remarkable durability, guaranteeing exceptional resistance to the passage of time and cleaning procedures.

Ideal for sofas, couches, and armchairs, De Gênes Velvet NEREIDE fits perfectly into a contemporary setting. Its clean, chic, and high-end appearance makes it a preferred choice for those seeking excellence in their living space.

In addition to being an exceptional option for the living room, this velvet finds its place in the bedroom. From sumptuous curtains to luxurious bedspreads, as well as throws and cushions, it creates an atmosphere of comfort and serenity, transforming the bedroom into a true sanctuary of well-being.

Under the watchful eye of our specialized technicians, every step in the creation of this Genoa Velvet adheres to our commitments in terms of excellence, social inclusion, and reducing environmental impact. Discover our full range of Genoa velvets.