De Gênes Velvet Blue Floral

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Our blue floral Genoa velvet is undoubtedly the embodiment of this distinctive velvet, with its ribbed texture that provides versatility for any interior decoration project.

  • Luxurious fabric
  • Floral design
  • Interior decoration


De Gênes Velvet Blue Floral has the unique ability to showcase the most beautiful designs. Here, the delicate flower details and depth of field create a lovely botanical theme, perfect for both classic and contemporary settings.

With precision and style, the flowers and arabesques were initially designed and then specifically produced on our state-of-the-art weaving machines. The result is splendid, with a perfect contrast between the clean background and the flower and foliage details. Stivel’s authentic process and unique craftsmanship in creating this velvet make it a choice product.

This velvet is perfect for covering seats and sofas while offering comfort and sophistication. The quality and smoothness of this fabric make it suitable for heavy use and adaptable to all types of furnishing projects.

De Gênes Velvet Blue Floral also brings elegance to double curtains and drapes, regardless of the space they are intended for.

This velvet is designed and produced in the company’s workshops, where excellence and commitments to social and environmental standards are integral to the daily work of our teams. Discover our full range of Genoa velvets.