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The carpet RIMINI evokes an abstract design, conducive to the imagination. Its weave and color palette make it an artistic creation that can be integrated into a variety of styles.

  • Contemporary design
  • Soft texture
  • Suitable for all environments
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At first glance, the design of the carpet RIMINI is pure and simple, but the subtleties of the design imagined by the CAD teams, combined with the interplay of the weaving, form a perfect whole.

The color palette offers a beautiful contrast, revealing all the richness of this composition inspired by modern works of art.

The carpet RIMINI easily finds its place in a living room with ultramodern accents. Its versatility also means that it blends harmoniously into a more classical ambience, where it elegantly enhances every piece of furniture and decorative element in the room. It lends breadth, life and a distinct personality to any interior space.

Sophisticated weaving requires unrivalled expertise, which has been entrusted for almost 30 years to the STIVEL teams, whose excellence and aestheticism drive their work every day.

The yarns selected meet the most stringent quality standards, guaranteeing carpet RIMINI exceptional durability in terms of color and resistance, even under the heaviest traffic.

Entirely designed and manufactured in STIVEL’s workshops, carpets embody the company’s commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices. Discover our full range of carpets.