Carpet MESK

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The carpet MESK features a magnificent floral motif with a pretty rosette in the center. The richness of its motifs and their perfect execution offer perfect symmetry and an accomplished vintage design.

  • Floral and vintage pattern
  • Soft texture
  • Suitable for all environments
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The carpet MESK is undoubtedly the carpet that reveals all the know-how of the STIVEL company. The yarns have been carefully selected to give this choice piece exceptional color longevity and durability.

Its design has been meticulously drawn by our CAD teams, then faithfully reproduced in minute detail in our workshops. The weave and pattern of this model combine a vintage aesthetic with a contemporary touch.

The yarns selected for this fabric give carpet MESK an immediate feeling of comfort. The richness of the pattern detail and the relief of the intricate, perfectly executed weave add a luxurious, refined dimension.

Every carpet undergoes rigorous quality controls throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing an impeccable finish. Robust, regulation-compliant packaging is used for shipping, to ensure the carpet is insulated and protected.

Every STIVEL mat is designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art workshops. STIVEL’s teams fully integrate social and environmental values into their work. As a result, each piece reflects our commitment to ecological and social responsibility. Discover our full range of carpets.