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The carpet OSLO offers a Scandinavian design that immediately invites comfort and well-being, inspired by the countries of the North countries. Its geometric shapes create a graphic rug that offers multiple inspirations for any style of universe.

  • Graphic design
  • Soft texture
  • Suitable for any environment
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The carpet OSLO offers a clean, minimalist geometric design. On closer inspection, the subtle interplay of geometric shapes arranged with artistic precision easily leaves room for the imagination.

The weaving and thoughtful removal of parts of the pattern contribute to the upscale, resolutely modern look of this ultra-trendy carper.

The carefully selected warm color palette provides a striking contrast, allowing this carpet to find its place in a wide variety of spaces. Whether in a living room to evoke a warm atmosphere, in a bedroom as an elegant bedside carpet, in an alcove to create a cosy ambience, or in a hallway to add a touch of elegance.

The exceptional quality of the weave and the meticulous selection of yarns meet the high demands of professionals. Its durability is further enhanced by its ease of care, ensuring that its radiance and splendor are preserved over time.

Like all STIVEL products, the carpet OSLO has been designed and manufactured in workshops where social and environmental values and excellence in quality combine to offer products of choice, recognized the world over. Discover the full range of carpets.