د.ت 1,000

The contemporary design of our Italian velvet JOSIA1 allows for a diversity of interpretation in the dressing of modern interiors. The fabric presents patterns with remarkable volume, giving it a place in the home or in the professional world.

  • Luxurious fabric
  • Geometric design
  • Interior decoration


Our italian velvet JOSIA1 fabric brings a nice contemporary touch to any project it is dedicated to. The subtle harmony of shapes and colors evokes a true textile work of art: its resolutely modern character, without any compromise on quality and comfort, brings elegance and aesthetics.

The studied graphics of this exceptional velvet allow matte and shiny effects, through the play of natural light. With the richness of its patterns, italian velvet JOSIA1 fabric is an exceptional choice for a welcoming and trendy space. Whether it’s to dress sofas, make curtains or create decorative cushions, this fabric adapts to various decorative elements.

The urban style of this versatile velvet thus meets the most demanding expectations in terms of aesthetics and quality: it presents resistance to the rigors of everyday life while maintaining elegance and shine. This Italian velvet integrates harmoniously into various spaces, whether it’s an urban loft, a modern office or a sophisticated residence.

The Italian velvet JOSIA1 is much more than a simple fabric; it becomes an expression of elegance and design. Like all the products made by STIVEL, the JOSIA1 fabric carries STIVEL’s commitment to a sustainable policy in social and environmental terms. Discover all of our Italian velvet.